Never Close A Real Estate Transaction Without

Sewer Inspection

Got ROOTS? But don't want to harm your beautiful tree?  Try this solution from Sanco Industries.

  • Made up of copper sulfate crystals that will kill invasive septic and sewer pipe roots without harming your tree

  • Root Destroyer will temporarily reduce bacterial action, but will return to normal approximately 15 days after treatment

  • Only roots inside the leach line will be killed

Eco Friendly Drain Line Cleaner for Main Drain Lines Sink and Floor Pipes Sewers Urinals and Toilets for use in Residential or Commercial Drains

  • EASY TO USE: Fast and Powerful concentrate with Crystalex Technology. Green Gobbler is PURE unlike other liquid drain openers which contain large amounts of water.

  • WORKS GREAT FOR: Bathroom Sinks, Bath Tubs, Showers, Toilets, Kitchen Sinks, Floor Drains, Slop Sinks, Urinals, RV Drains & More!

  • EFFECTIVELY BREAKS DOWN: Grease, Hair, Toilet Paper, Soap Scum, Organic Materials, Body Oils, Calcium & Lime Buildup, Rust, Flush-able Baby Wipes, Toothpaste, Shampoo Residue, Iron Buildup & More!

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & BIODEGRADABLE: Safer alternative to toxic and dangerous liquid drain chemicals & Safer to store around the home. No Mask or Goggles Required.


Roots, Grease Buildups, and Other Obstructions

We've seen it all when it comes to your sewer line.  Often times we find roots that are treatable and don't require sewer line replacement.  Before you close make sure you contact the experts to come and inspect your sewer line.  Especially if the house has been vacant for a while or if you see large trees in the backyard.  These are all signs that you should get a sewer inspection done by the experts at

Sewer inspection is probably one of the most important components to inspect before you close on your home and if you keep having recurring issues with sewer back-ups in the basement or crawl space. has the latest fiber optic cable, camera and reel units in the industry.  We've also got depth and location beacons to pin point any deficiencies that exist.   Keep in mind that cameras can only be used if there is no P Trap in the clean out.  If the clean out has a P Trap we will have to send another inspector field technician out to use a snake to feel the line and inspect for any major blockages.  Any service that requires a "drain snake" will require a separate appointment and additional fees will apply. Keep in mind that not all homes have a serviceable line that will allow for a sewer scope camera to be used and if in the event there is a "P Trap" we may need additional time to schedule a "snake inspection" of the sewer line.  Call us today to schedule or simple schedule online. is a registered trademark of Pre Closing Inspection, LLC.  We service all of South East Michigan and the Greater Metro Detroit Area.  Call us today or schedule right here on our website.  We offer discounts to real estate investors with multiple properties and military veterans.