Is your basement flooding and your storm drain is backed up?  More than 2.5" of water sitting this is the perfect pump to get that water out of your basement.

This is a common problem that a lot of homeowners encounter when they're having problems with their sewer and storm drain.  It could be that your sewer line has an obstruction or even a collapse.  Before you can get a plumber down there to diagnose the problem the first thing you have to do is get the water out of the basement.  And the only way to do that is to pump the water out.  The Wayne VIP50 1/2 horse power Thermoplastic Portable Electric Water Removal Pump will make quick work of the water removal problem for you and be shipped right to your front door.  This moderately priced pump is for levels of water that are at least 2.5" (inches) deep.  It is designed to remove 41 gallons per minute.  At $75 it's a great deal and can save you thousands of dollars in damage if you hurry now and order it to get the water out of your basement to prevent further damage.

If you have less than 2.5" of water in your basement but it's still too much to mop up?  Try this utility pump solution.

Got water sitting in your basement but it's not a lot but still too much to mop it up?  This Utility Transfer Pump is perfect for that.  It works in low levels of water less than an inch and can transfer up to 330 gallons per hour.  It's light weight and made of durable material with metal hose connectors for higher reliability than plastic components.  It's perfect for household and utility applications and will make quick work of any water you have standing in your basement.  For $64.99 it's a great bargain and we highly recommend this pump to help you get unwanted water out of your basement.

Smart Wi-Fi Water Sensor, Flood & Leak Detector - Alarm and App Notification Alerts, No Expensive HUB Required, Simple Plug & Play Flood Alert Tech

This awesome wireless water sensor offers reliable performance.  Helping you to keep your home safe, by alerting you to potential water threats before the issue becomes too serious.  Battery powered with low energy consumption, it can operate in standby mode for over 6 months.  It's designed to connect to your existing Wi-Fi Network and there's an app you can download and it works with both iPhone and Android.  

Don't have Wi-Fi and still need a Water Sensor, Flood and Leak Detection with an Alarm?  Here's the solution for you and it's loud at 85 decibels this early detection system is perfect for your home.

Water alarm helps detect unwanted water by sounding an 85 decibel alarm designed to be heard easily.  The sensors can be placed up to 6 feet away from the alarm unit and this package includes three (3) water detectors and three (3) 9 volt batteries included.  Great value when it comes to protecting your home from flood damage. is a registered trademark of Pre Closing Inspection, LLC.  We service all of South East Michigan and the Greater Metro Detroit Area.  Call us today or schedule right here on our website.  We offer discounts to real estate investors with multiple properties and military veterans.